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Yellowstone National Park Video Tour

Watch a video and get travel tips for your visit to Yellowstone National Park.

On August 25, 2016, the National Park Service celebrates 100 years. If national parks are on your travel list, make it a point to start planning a trip to Yellowstone, one of the USA’s most iconic national parks. With hot springs, gurgling mud pots, steam vents and a range of wildlife, Yellowstone National Park is a on most people’s lists for must see national parks.

Yellowstone is blessed with diverse scenery

Yellowstone is blessed with diverse scenery

Yellowstone was the first national park established in America. Back in 1872, Yellowstone was signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant. America had the foresight to keep this beautiful natural area free of development and if you visit today, you’ll notice that the animals have certainly taken over, especially the bison, and why shouldn’t they. Yellowstone is the only place left in America where bison have continuously resided since prehistoric times.

Bison traffic jam in Yellowstone

Bison traffic jam in Yellowstone

In an area where there’s so much geothermal activity, it’s easy to imagine that the early explorers of the 19th century, like John Colter, a member of the Lewis and Clark team, would be astounded by the bizarre features of Yellowstone. Colter returned from his early 1800’s expedition with descriptions of bubbling mudpots, hidden fires and steaming pools of water, descriptions that many people didn’t believe, but like any good rumor, spread.

Pretty pastures.

Pretty pastures.

Later written reports would cite Yellowstone’s boiling springs and thunderous explosions. These unique features have fascinated people throughout time, just as they do for travelers today, who get the chance to explore the majesty of Yellowstone

No matter what national park you choose, you’re in for remarkable natural scenery and adventure in America’s beautiful National Parks.

Where to stay: Book early for your trip to Yellowstone. If you’re lucky enough to get a room, consider trying to stay in the park in one of nine lodges. Old Faithful Inn is one of the most popular and listed on the National Historic Register. If you’re looking to horseback ride, check out our Equitrekking guide to ranches near Yellowstone, some of which take you riding in the park. You can also choose to stay in a park campground.

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