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World’s Best Waffles

We may have just found the world’s best waffles in Belgium.

Are these the world’s best waffles? The small European country of Belgium is big on waffles, but you might be surprised at just many different kinds you can try.

Close to the border with the Netherlands and Germany, the city of Liege is well known for its waffles and one of the best places to try them is at Maison Massin (Rue Puits-en-sock, 6-8 – 4020 Liege), where locals source their waffles, an important part of Liege culture.

Whereas in the US, we often think of waffles as breakfast food, in Belgium, they’re often had as dessert or as a snack on the go and depending on where you are, they’re different styles and types of waffles.

Brussels waffles are known to be light, airy and rectangular, often consumed with utensils and topped with fruits, chocolate or whipped cream. In Liege, traditional waffles are unevenly shaped, grilled from a thick batter and dotted with chunks of sugar, which caramelize, forming a crunchy exterior and a dense, chewy interior. It’s this Liege style of waffle that’s meant to be eaten on the go.

Maison Massin takes waffles to a whole ‘nother level, embellishing some with sweet fruit fillings a messy endeavor, but a tasty one.

So next time you’re in Belgium, eat up and let us know which waffle place or style you like best!

And, if you’re only visiting Brussels, we found the best waffles next to Manneken Pis at The Waffle Factory (‪Rue du Lombard 30, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium). If you’re a sweets person, get the works, including nutella and strawberries.

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