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Why Belgian frites are so good?

Why Belgium’s fries are known to be so tasty and where to eat them.

Belgium is known the world over for its awesome fries, otherwise known as frites. It’s not until you travel to taste them in country that you can truly discover why they’re a standout. And I recommend you don’t necessarily pick a gourmet restaurant for your Belgium fry experience. Some of the best places are unassuming roadside stops or city fry stands.

Belgium fries in Liege at Amon Nanesse, where you should also try the Boulet

Belgium fries in Liege at Amon Nanesse, where you should also try the Boulet

One of the reasons that they’re so good is that they’re thick cut and they’re double fried. This makes them extra, extra crispy. You have to try French fries while you’re traveling in Belgium. Try them the traditional way with some mayonnaise or explore a world of other sauces, including Andalouse sauce and curry mayo.

There are friteries or fry shacks located throughout Belgium. In Brussels, check out Frit Flagey (place Eugène Flagey, Ixelles) and Maison Antoine (place Jourdan, across the Parc Léopold). If you’re up for a drive or heading to Chateau de Modave, the fry shack we filmed is just nearby… Friterie Au P’tit Creux (route de Marche 9 – Baillonville). You’ll find locals munching on fries on their lunch break here. You can eat indoors or outside and while the decor is pretty plain, the fries are most certainly not. In Liege, pair your fries with giant meatballs, called Le Boulet, at Amon Nanesse (Rue de l’Epée 4, 4000 Liège).

Darn good fries at Friterie Au P'tit Creux

Darn good fries at Friterie Au P’tit Creux

I recommend asking a local for the best places to try. I guarantee you’ll have many choices.

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