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Warm Up with Tequila in Mexico

Take the train to Tequila, the place, in Mexico and other fun things to do in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

From Tequila to the coast, five off the beaten path adventures in sunny Mexico. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The Mexican state of Jalisco has much to draw in travelers, from the coastal wonders of Puerto Vallarta to the agave fields of Tequila. If you’re traveling through the seventh largest state in Mexico, don’t miss these five off the beaten path adventures.

From field to table, harvesting agave, in Tequila, Mexico

From field to table, harvesting agave, in Tequila, Mexico

Tequila… in Tequila

All aboard. Yes folks, tequila the drink is also a place and you can take the train there from Guadalajara. The approximately 2 hour ride on the Jose Cuervo Express takes you past fields of agave and of course includes snacks and as much tequila as you can muster. Once you arrive in Tequila, look forward to learning how tequila is made from farm to table.

Tapalpa’s Magic

The mountain village of Tapalpa is one of Mexico’s magical villages, so designated for its cultural, historic and natural wonders. Soak in the authentic flavors of this well preserved historic town and explore the Valley of the Enigmas just outside. Thought by locals to be the site of native rituals in ancient times, just how the gigantic rocks got here is a mystery.

Talpalpa women's co-op

The women of Talpalpa

Healing Wonders in Atacco

Down the road from Tapalpa, generations of women have passed down the knowledge of medicinal herbs and continue to do so at a women’s co-op. Whether you’re seeking a cure or inspiration, you’ll find it here.

Ajijic & Lake Chapala

This colorful artists town has a pleasant climate that attracts travelers and retirees alike. It’s another great place to pick up unique souvenirs and enjoy the shores of Mexico’s largest freshwater lake.

Street art in Ajijic

Street art in Ajijic

Shopping & More in Tlaquepaque

Just outside of Guadalajara, this city is known for its top shopping, but take a deeper dive into the city’s main square to find local foods, crafts and even entertainment.

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