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Ski the Alps in 360

Go skiing in Cote d’Azur, France with this 360 video.

Experience the feeling of skiing the slopes at Isola 2000, not far from Nice in Cote d’Azur, in the French Alps. This part of France is home to a variety of family-friendly ski resorts. We skied and filmed at Isola 2000, located in the heart of the Southern Alps in the Mercantour Massif near the Italian border.

I hadn’t gone skiing in quite a few years. Actually, the last time I skied, I was also filming it at Mont Tremblant in Quebec for my series Equitrekking. I was a little nervous, but after a few runs, which we filmed for a segment of “Travels with Darley’s” fifth season, coming to PBS this spring, I felt good enough to try filming the experience myself using a 360 camera.

Filming in 360 is something new for everyone, including me. You have to hold the camera just right, which meant skiing with the camera in one hand and my ski pole in the other. That will rock your balance!

You’ll see in the video that I head down a green slope and right into the village, where there are a variety of cute places to sit inside or outside and enjoy hot mulled wine, hot chocolate, loaded baked potatoes and other savory ski food. Before all of that, I take you back up on the lift, which is an experience in itself.

So enjoy our foray into filming in 360 and check out more video postcards and experiences in 360 on our channels on AOL, MSN and on Facebook. This includes a 360 video postcard from mysterious Sainte-Marguerite Island across from stunning Cannes in France. We also filmed a postcard at Watkins Glen Harbor in New York’s Finger Lakes and landing in a glider in Elmira and more to come.

Stay tuned for new episodes this spring and see what’s on your local PBS TV station now.

** Never watched something in 360? The best browsers to watch 360 videos with Vimeo are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. Safari does not yet play through in 360. You can also watch this video on our channels on AOL, MSN and on Facebook

If you’re viewing on your desktop, you can explore a 360 video with your arrow keys, mouse, or trackpad. On the right side of the player, you’ll see a compass that indicates the direction you are facing in the video. Clicking on the compass will reorient you to the original positioning of the video. Learn more about the best ways to view 360 videos from Vimeo.

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