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Season Four Previews
Jaw-dropping locations, diverse cultures, age-old traditions and surprising foods are just some of the hidden gems highlighted in an all new season of “Travels with Darley.”

Darley joins local experts to showcase history, outdoor adventures and tasty cuisine. Experiences include World War I battlefields and Champagne in France, whitewater rafting in West Virginia, Creole traditions in Martinique, sake tasting in Tokyo, and tasty BBQ in St. Louis.

The season kicks off with outdoor activities in West Virginia, including some of the world’s toughest whitewater rafting that travelers can experience along the New River Gorge. Downhill mountain biking at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, fly fishing and rock climbing are more active adventures highlighted with locals as the guides.

Two half hour episodes give viewers a glimpse of World War I history in an active way on a journey along the Western Front in France. Local experts guide Darley by bicycle and foot through the cities of Verdun, Metz and the Champagne region to visit battlefields, and communities affected by The Great War, combining history with rich cuisine like Quiche Lorraine. The 100-year anniversary of the end of WWI is November 11, 2018 making these episodes especially relevant.

In Missouri, Darley explores St Louis and the birthplace of Route 66, Springfield, including historical and modern diversions like quirky museums, beautiful parks and local cuisine with a James Beard Award-winning Chef.

During a visit to Tokyo, Japan, locals guide Darley to the best food, culture and adventures, including a behind-the-scenes tour of a saké brewery, sushi at the world’s largest fish market, and a hike on a sacred mountain.

The season finale takes viewers to the French Caribbean, where Martinique’s fascinating past is told through the lives of famous figures like Empress Josephine and modern poets, artists and politicians. Darley travels through the capital city of Fort-de-France, to the Anse Cafard Slave Memorial, through urban markets and to an historic Créole sugarcane plantation for rum tasting and vibrant culture.

“Travels with Darley” follows five-time Daytime Emmy nominated TV host Darley Newman as she travels with residents and guides to inspiring, adventurous, and quirky locations as they reveal the authenticity and appeal of their home areas. These on-camera local counterparts are the true stars of each episode. Darley has a knack for getting locals to open up about their favorite spots and share their expertise – to reveal a richer and more authentic sense of place with all the sights, sounds, tastes, aromas, and adventures that can only be experienced when you travel like a local, not a tourist.

Check out the most up to date listings, find “Travels with Darley” on your local PBS TV station. “Travels with Darley” has been a popular web series on AOL since 2014. To compliment this season, viewers can also watch special video shorts from destinations profiled on the “Travels with Darley” channels on AOL and MSN.

Want more inspiration? Watch past episodes of Travels with Darley on your local PBS TV station and on Create TV now. Plan your own adventure near or far with trip itineraries, enjoy some of the local dishes Darley sampled with these recipes you can make at home, and get great travel tips from locals and Darley.

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