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VideoInk Features Travels with Darley’s Jump from AOL to PBS

VideoInk, the authority on video-related news and industry analysis, covers Travels with Darley’s launch from AOL to PBS in Todd Longwell’s article ‘Travels with Darley’ Treks to Broadcast, from AOL to PBS. Longwell writes, “The digital video space has become the hot downtown club where all the trendsetters hang out, but broadcast is still the big time. So it’s still a significant when a streaming show such as “Travels with Darley” makes the leap to linear TV.” Read the story.

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Travels with Darley is a travel TV series broadcast on PBS stations and on digital networks, including the AOL On Network. Host Darley Newman of "Equitrekking" fame joins locals to showcase the top food, culture and adventure attractions in the USA and around the globe. is the companion site with travel guides, videos and information so viewers can recreate the adventures seen on the series and beyond.

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