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Malaysia Broadcasts Travels with Darley

Sharing the world with the world! We’re excited to announce that “Travels with Darley” is now broadcast in Malaysia on TV1, the first and oldest TV station in Malaysia. TV1 broadcasts on VHF channel 5 and UHF channel 46 in Kuala Lumpur.

The channel has licensed the first 13 half hours of “Travels with Darley,” meaning viewers in Malaysia will get to travel with Darley and a cast of local guides to the Guadeloupe Islands, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Belgium, through South Carolina, Arkansas and Kentucky on a Southern States Road Trip, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Maryland, Virginia, England, including Manchester, Liverpool and the Lake District, Wales, Little Rock, Arkansas and Hong Kong.

Several newspapers and magazines in Malaysia are spreading the word with over 156,000 people checking out one article in URTV Magazine about the news. URTV Magazine is Malaysia’s most popular entertainment magazine, having been around since the 1970’s.

This deal marks one of several international broadcast and streaming deals. In addition to PBS and Create TV in North America, “Travels with Darley” is also streaming on Amazon Prime in the USA and over 33 nations, in-flight on Saudia Airlines and Royal Brunei Airlines, appearing as video shorts and 360 videos through Verizon Digital to AOL and over 2000 US and international websites, and beyond.



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Pretty wild! Travels with Darley is on TV in Malaysia!

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