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Guadeloupe Islands’ Beaches: Stunning & Secret

Escape to the Caribbean’s most stunning and secret beaches in the Guadeloupe Islands.

Palm trees swaying, turquoise and emerald waters, and golden, white, pink and even black sand beaches– the Guadeloupe Islands in the Lesser Antilles have some of the Caribbean’s prettiest beaches and most diverse coastlines. Many of them also have the benefit of being lesser known and less traveled, meaning you may have them all to yourself!

Take the plunge and enjoy seeing some of the best in this rundown of not-to-miss beach escapes.

#1 Pompierre Beach, Les Saintes

We love this beach! On the island of Les Saintes, Pompierre Beach is quintessentially Caribbean with white sand shaded by tall coconut trees sprinkled across a moon-shaped, calm lagoon. About ten minutes from Terre de Haut, where the ferries dock, on the northeastern part of the island, bring a picnic or grab a Tourment d’amour, the local pastry, from one of the vendors at the beach’s entrance or in town and enjoy!

Pompierre Beach is quintessential Caribbean!

Pompierre Beach is has some of the best palm trees in the Caribbean!

#2 Bananier Beach, Basse Terre

The island of Basse Terre, home to the Guadeloupe National Park, is also home to stunning black sand beaches and this one is a favorite, popular with surfers and sunbathers alike. An added bonus, there’s a local restaurant where you can dine right on the shore. Le Rivage is laid back, open air and right on black sand Bananier Beach. Watch the surfers as you feast on deep-fried cod fritters, a local specialty.

Dining by the water and a black sand beach.

Dining by the water and a black sand beach.

#3 Massacre Beach, Marie Galante

Another top pick is Massacre Beach, named after a historic, bloody battle between French soldiers and Guadeloupian fighters; this white sand beach on the island of Marie Galante is a spot for snorkeling or just enjoying the views. Marie Galante is one of the Guadeloupe Islands more rural destinations and known for its rum production. Consider touring a distillery and hitting the beach before or after.

The water couldn't be clearer on these Marie Galante beaches.

The water couldn’t be clearer on these Marie Galante beaches.

#4 Grandes Salines, Grande-Terre

One of the most dramatic coastlines in the Guadeloupe Islands, this beach by Pointe des Chateaux is marked by a giant cross. It’s popular for hikers and extreme sports enthusiasts, but not the casual swimmer due to the strong winds. Hike up towards the cross to get the below view!

At Grand Salinas Beach combine beautiful views with a spiritual hike.

At Grand Salinas Beach combine beautiful views with a spiritual hike.

#5 Grand Anse, Basse-Terre

The longest stretch of beach in Guadeloupe Islands, Grand Anse beach outside of Deshais is breathtaking, especially at sunset. Consider combining a tour of Deshais, especially if you’re a fan of “Death in Paradise,” which is filmed here, with a trip to this beautiful beach.

Whether you want romance or to snap some pics, sunset on Grand Anse Beach is the best.

Whether you want romance or to snap some pics, sunset on Grand Anse Beach is the best at sunset.

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