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Fourth of July Travel Tips

Tips to save you time and aggravation if you’re hitting the road for July 4th.

Hitting the road for the Independence Day? It’s a popular and busy time to travel, so make your vacation as relaxing as possible, follow these three Fourth of July travel tips.

#1 Plan Your Beach Vacation Early

Some of the top places to celebrate the fourth of July and take in fireworks are USA Beach towns and one of the most popular is Ocean City, Maryland, where this year’s free concert is followed by fireworks on the beach. Strolling the boardwalk is also oh-so-enticing, but make your travel plans early, as this beach area will sell out.

#2 Avoid Traffic with Apps

Traffic can be heavy on the 4th and there’s nothing worse than sitting in it in the heat. To beat it, the popular navigation app Waze suggests leaving town before 6 a.m.—good for early risers and not so good for the rest of us. Another way to get around traffic is to use Waze, a free app that our film crew has used to much success on recent travels.

#3 Pack H20

Enjoying an outdoor BBQ with family and friends is a popular way to celebrate July 4th. If you’re traveling somewhere to do it, double check your water supplies. Believe it or not, one of the top reasons people visit the emergency room on July 4th is dehydration. In this case, over packing, water that is, is a good thing.

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