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Fish Pedicure in the Caribbean

Can you handle this Guadeloupe Islands spa experience?

On the island of Basse Terre in the Guadeloupe Islands, you can visit a Caribbean spa high in the hills that feels like a treehouse oasis. Complete with massages and meditation, this spa also offers something I never thought I’d try, the fish pedicure.

Many travelers have compared Tendacayou Spa to locations in Bali. The spa and lodge was built by a husband and wife team who dreamt of a treehouse getaway and combined their passion and skills in art and carpentry to form this rainforest boutique hotel, built with local materials to blend in with the environment. Guests can take a wellness escape here, staying in bungalows and taking in ocean views, while they undergo a variety of treatments. Though many people come for massages and meditation, we dare you to try the fish pedicure. Not everyone can do it and if you do try it, be prepared to be tickled.

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