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Famous Corned Beef Hash Recipe from England

Direct from England, the Famous Corned Beef Hash Recipe from The Albert Square Chophouse.

This corned beef hash recipe takes some time to make, but it’s well worth it! 

While filming recently in Manchester, England at The Albert Square Chophouse, we were able to try a variety of traditional English and Manchester dishes. One of our favorites was the tender, tasty corned beef hash. We were excited when this historic restaurant, housed in an old Victorian warehouse, agreed to share the recipe, so we could share it with you. This would be a great dish to make for the holidays or a special occasion.

Getting ready to dig into Corned Beef Hash and Eccles Cake

Getting ready to dig into Corned Beef Hash and Eccles Cake

Mr Thomas’s Famous Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Serves 4

Beef in brine
500g Beef brisket
3 liters water
180g salt
60g sugar
2 onions (peeled and cut in ½)
2 Bay leaves
Pinch of black peppercorns

Next Steps

  1. The secret to Tom’s corned beef hash is in the long 8 day brining. Make the brining liquor by combining the water, salt, sugar, onions, bay leaves & peppercorns in large container.
  2. Place the beef brisket into the brining liquor so totally immersed.
  3. Remove from brine after 8 days and rinse thoroughly under running cold water for at least ½ hour.

Corned Beef Hash Ingredients
500g Brined beef
500 ml Beef stock
800g Maris piper potatoes (Peeled & diced 2cm Dice)
1 clove garlic (peeled & finely chopped)
1 Tsp Fresh Thyme (picked & chopped)
1 Tsp Fresh Rosemary (Picked & chopped)
400g Medium onion (finely diced)
30ml Vegetable oil
300ml Gravy
1 Tbsp. Chives (Finely chopped)
60g Beef dripping
4 Rashers of bacon
4 Poached eggs

Next Steps

  1. Cut the brisket place in large oven proof roasting dish cover with beef stock then cover with foil
  2. Slow roast in a pre- heated oven at 110 c for approximately 6-8 hours until the meat is almost falling apart. Remove from the pan and allow to cool
  3. Meanwhile boil the diced potatoes until cooked but still tender with bite.
  4. Roughly dice the beef small, place in a bowl add the cooked potatoes
  5. Next in a large frying pan fry in vegetable oil the diced onions, garlic, chopped rosemary & thyme
  6. Allow to cool then add to the beef & potatoes
  7. Using the same frying pan now fry the hash mixture in the beef dripping on a high heat so crispy and brown
  8. When ready stir in 2/3 heated gravy and chopped chives
  9. Spoon the hot hash into a ring in the centre of plate push down with the back of the spoon ,repeat this 3  times
  10. Garnish with warm poached egg, crispy bacon rashers, sprinkle of chopped chives and a drizzle of the remaining gravy
  11. Accompany with the legendary HP sauce


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