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Delicious Desserts from around the World

Yummy desserts from Savannah to Montreal

If you’re a traveler with a sweet tooth, stand by, because these three desserts are oh-so-sweet and tasty. From Savannah, Georgia to Montreal, Quebec to Botswana, Africa, we’re bringing a global dose of sugar to you with these three intersting and yummy desserts.

#1 Ice Cream in Savannah, Georgia

If you like ice cream, you’ll love stopping by Leopold’s Ice Cream Shop in Savannah, Georgia, where regular and seasonal flavors have delighted visitors since 1919. Enjoy the usual flavors like Butter Pecan and Mint Chocolate Chip or try something a little unusual, like Tutti Frutti or Chocolate Chewies and Cream.

Huckleberry and pecans at Leopolds in Savannah

Huckleberry and pecans at Leopolds in Savannah

#2 Macarons in Montreal, Quebec

Popular in France and also French-speaking Quebec, Macarons are a light meringue-based sweet consisting of two super airy cookies sandwiched together with jam cream or ganache. These fun treats come in a variety of wild colors and exotic flavors. We tried macarons at Europea Espace Boutique (33 Rue Notre-Dame O Montreal). Many pasty shops in Montreal carry macarons, so stop by for a taste or look for them at your local pastry shop, because these gluten free desserts are catching on.

Montreal macarons Europea Cafe

Montreal macarons Europea Cafe

#3 Malva Pudding in South Africa

I got to help make and taste this next dessert on safari in Botswana. It’s also popular in South Africa… malva pudding. Often served with whipped cream, ice cream or vanilla custard, malva pudding is caramelized on the outside and has a spongy, warm cake-like bread pudding texture inside. It’s easy to make with a key ingredient being apricot jam.

Malva pudding at our safari camp in Africa

Malva pudding at our safari camp in Africa

Watch the video for a deeper dive!

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