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Congrats: Sweepstakes Winners

Congratulations to Paulette Hatfield and Louise Truman, the winners of the Travels with Darley Inside Hong Kong and Macao sweepstakes! International Consultants Ltd.’s Paulette Hatfield will have the honor of attending the Travels with Darley Inside Hong Kong and Macao film debut event at the Smithsonian and a stay at the Kimpton George Hotel in Washington, DC this August 1st.  She’ll get the chance to meet with Darley and learn about Hong Kong and Macao firsthand during a special night at the Ripley Center with Darley and Smithsonian Associates.

Captivating Journey’s Louise Truman has been awarded a 1-year subscription to Amazon Prime.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you all at the Travels with Darley preview at the Smithsonian on August 1st! Click here to get your tickets.

We love supporting our travel agent community and sharing our adventures with locals from around the world. Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about our winners below!

Looking forward to welcoming our travel agent friends at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC!

Looking forward to welcoming our travel agent friends at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC!

Smithsonian Sweepstakes Winner

Name: Paulette Hatfield

Agency: International Consultants Ltd.

Specialist in: Luxury travel

Favorite destination for 2019? An incredibly charming little village in Provence where the menus are still printed in French only! I hesitate to name so it’s suddenly inundated by tourists. But I will share with Darley.

What inspires you as a travel agent? Traveling the world vicariously with my clients. Having my son and daughter travel the same footpath I traveled years earlier. Like my daughter in the Galapagos feeding the same tortoise I did when I was a guest of the Ecuadorian government with five other travel consultants invited to explore the feasibility of tourism coming to the islands. This was in 1975 when visas were only issued to 80 scientists per year. (We all said “No” to tourism, keep it pristine. They didn’t listen to us. Sadly.)

What resources do you use to learn about destinations? I love being able to check the Travels with Darley website FIRST to see if she has featured a particular region that I’m researching. It’s easy also to view on Amazon Prime too!


Amazon Prime Subscription Winner

Name: Louise Truman

Agency: Captivating Journeys

Consortia: Ensemble

Favorite destination for 2019? This year I seem to have more interest in Baltic Sea cruises than anything else, but again that is limited by my clientele.

What inspires you as a travel agent? I have been in the travel industry for more than 30 years, although consider myself “semi-retired” at this point, continuing only with a selected number of clients who enjoy luxury travel.

What resources do you use to learn about destinations? I use internet searches, personal knowledge and discussions with others regarding destinations.

Learning about galettes, savory buckwheat flour crepes, popular in Brittany.

From last year’s Brittany, France event at the Smithsonian.

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