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Caribbean Snorkeling in the Jacques Cousteau Reserve

Dive into this heavenly site for scuba diving and snorkeling

Dive into this heavenly site for scuba diving and snorkeling and see colorful marine life in the Cousteau Underwater Reserve, a protected Caribbean jewel.

You can’t come to the Guadeloupe Islands and not enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving. The famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau called the Pigeon Islands, off the coast of Basse Terre, one of the world’s top dive areas and encouraged their conservation. It’s after Mr. Cousteau that the area is nicknamed.

At only a 10 to 15 minute boat ride from the coast, La Reserve Cousteau is accessible for a short trip. It’s also a good place to snorkel, because of its shallow waters, where sponges, coral, colorful tropical fish and sea turtles reside. It’s this rich environment that Cousteau highlighted while filming “The Silent World,” the cinematic version of his 1953 book. Whether you snorkel or dive here, you’re sure to be immersed in the biological diversity that helped this spot gain protection.

Watch the video to take the plunge!

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