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Best of Hong Kong Markets

From flowers to fish to fashion, the best and most unusual Hong Kong markets.

Hong Kong has a market for everything. From flowers to fish to fashion, visiting markets while in Hong Kong should be on your itinerary. Some of the best and most unusual are listed below, so pack an extra bag and get shopping.

#1 Flower Market

We love this market because it’s just so pretty. How can a street lined with fresh flowers and plants not be! The Flower Market is aptly located on Flower Market Road in Mong Kok and features everything from orchids to house plants. While wholesalers buy here, so do locals and travelers, picking up fresh bouquets and garden ornaments. Whatever your reason for coming, you’ll find fresh scents here.

Colorful flowers on the streets of Hong Kong.

Colorful flowers on the streets of Hong Kong.

#2 Sneakers Street

Sneakers Street is pretty cool. You’ll find shoes here that are of the latest styles, limited-edition releases and styles that are fresh on the market along Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok. Having good kicks is necessary for your Hong Kong adventures, because walking around is one of the best ways to see this metropolis, so if you find yourself in need, walk on over to this street.

#3 Electronics Market

We got a kick out of the retro finds at the Electronics Market on Apliu Street in Sham Shui Po. Old VCRs, random remote controls and the popular portable fans used in the summer in Hong Kong are just some of the interesting finds. Also called the Apliu Street Flea Market, this market is where you might find an antique Casio watch and other remnants of our electronics past.

We brought portable fans at the electronics market! What a cool find!

We brought portable fans at the electronics market! What a cool find!

#4 Ladies Market

From purses to scarves to sundresses, the Ladies Market has it all and more. Located on Tung Choi Street, stall after stall tempts tourists. This market in particular can get pretty crowded! If you’re coming here to shop, be prepared to bargain.

#5 Goldfish Market

In Hong Kong apartments, where space is at a premium, fish as pets are hot commodities. You’ll find a variety of exotic fish for your choosing at the Goldfish Market on Tung Choi Street North in Mong Kok. I was surprised at just how expensive some of these fish can be and the sheer variety of fish here. Just walking this street is an education.

One of the colorful fish at the Goldfish Market.

One of the colorful fish at the Goldfish Market.

And there are many more! Check out DiscoverHongKong for a more complete listing of markets you might want to visit on your Hong Kong travel adventures.

Travel Tip! Whichever market you visit, be ready to bargain. One interesting tip a local gave me about bargaining in Hong Kong is to focus on “lucky” numbers. In Chinese culture, certain numbers are considered lucky because their pronunciations sound similar to words that have lucky meanings. Even numbers are preferred over odd and the number eight, for instance, sounds similar to the word “Fa” in Cantonese, which is translated to mean prosperity, wealth, success, or social status.


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