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5 Crazy Winter Snow Adventures

Awesome winter snow adventures we dare you to try

Winter is definitely here and you have two choices, stay inside where it’s warm and cozy or get your gear on to play outdoors. If you’ve got snow in your area or are traveling somewhere that does, there are lots of fun activities to soak in nature.

Here are five awesome winter snow adventures you don’t want to miss.

#1 Skiing

The anticipation on the ski lift, the crisp air and thrill of the race down and finally quenching that appetite you’ve worked up from a day on the slopes. Ah, once you strap on those snow skis, you might be hooked.

We loved skiing in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, but other great places to ski include Park City Mountain Resort, Utah, Steamboat, Colorado and Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana.

Ski lesson in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Ski lesson in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

#2 Sledding

Not ready for black diamonds? You can still feel the rush of picking up speed on a flying saucer or traditional sled. Leave your inhibitions behind, channel your inner child and take off. You just might find you really enjoy the ride.

This adventure can be had even in the most urban or areas… with a little snow. New York City Central Park’s Pilgrim Hill near 72nd St and Fifth Ave is one of the most popular.

#3 Dog Sledding

Yet another way to explore in the snow is to take a run with some four-legged friends. Dog sledding is harder than it looks if you’re in the driver’s seat, but can get you to places that would take forever to reach in your snow shoes.

Anchorage, Alaska is a city that offers a variety of winter or summer mushing experiences.

Dog sledding in Mont Tremblant

Dog sledding in Mont Tremblant

#4 Snowmobiling

Many winter ski areas also groom trails for snowmobiles, a sort of motorcycle on skis. Drive yourself or hop on the back with a friend for some freestyle adventures that will get your heart racing.

In Iceland, we went on an epic snowmobiling on Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjökull, with Mountaineers of Iceland.

#5 Horseback Riding in the Snow

Have a postcard perfect winter adventure riding horses in the snow. Go fast or take the time to absorb your surroundings and reflect on the good fortune you have to be enjoying the great outdoors when it blanketed in powdery and pretty snow.

Ranches in the American West are a great place to ride in the snow, including Home Ranch in Colorado and Bar W in Montana.


Riding the snowy trails in Canada


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